Arvind Envisol going for joint venture with Chinese textile company

by Textile Quotient News Desk
18 Mar 2019

India’s textile giant Arvind Ltd’s waste water treatment arm Arvind Envisol, is going to sign a joint venture agreement with a Chinese textile company the JV with the Chinese company and it’s expected to be announced in the next three months. The company is looking for collaborations across India, Africa, Bangladesh and China to expand its business avenues. “We are looking at collaborations both, in the form of joint ventures or working with renowned financial institutions with water as one of their focus areas,” said Arvind Envisol CEO Ashish Kumar.

Since the demerger last year, Arvind Envisol has emerged as one of the major focus areas within the group. The company is in talks with the World Bank and International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the likes to carry out water treatment projects in the neighbouring country Bangladesh, which is emerging as one of the biggest garment and textile manufacturing country.

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