TIC Group commissions its hanger plant in Bangladesh

by Textile Quotient News Desk
18 Feb 2019

Hanger manufacturer TIC Group from Australia has put up a hanger plant in Bangladesh with an initial investment of USD 10 million. Located in the Meghna Industrial Economic Zone- Narayonganj, TIC Manufacturing Bangladesh Ltd, shall produce five lakh pieces of hanger/day.

Majority of the hangers produced by TIC’s in Bangladesh plant would be exported to Europe and Australia and the balance would be sold to the garment manufactures, whose buyers have nominated TIC’s hangers to be used in their garments.

TIC has close working relationship with garment manufacturers globally and its garment hanger service streamlines the retail supply chain and help in-store staff be more efficient. With its strongly conviction for sustainability, TIC promotes reusing of hangers to provide retailers with a Garment on Hanger (GoH) shipment, which reduces the cost and time it takes to present stock in-store.

The company believes that re-using garment hangers is economically and environmentally beneficial,

as it saves money, landfill space and eliminates the need to harvest raw materials for the manufacture of new garment hangers. It says that re-using garment hangers with TIC rather than manufacturing them new saves 34% of carbon emissions and 86% of water.

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