Mango to open 60,000 square metres of new selling space in 2019 between company stores and franchises

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5 Mar 2019

Mango continues to implement its retail model based on opening larger stores, in parallel to the closure of smaller stores. In 2012, it began to transform its store network, which it has increased by more than 300,000 m², while the average size of its stores has increased by 54%. The firm says that in 2019 its target is for online sales to represent 20% of total company turnover, a target initially established for 2020. Specifically, 15,000 square metres correspond to 27 new company stores and 45,000 square metres to new franchises located around the world. With regard to the distribution of company stores and franchises, at the beginning 2018, franchises represented 55% of the chain’s retail outlets. Mango is committed to the franchise model as a means of growing its commercial network worldwide.

Leader in online selling and new digital innovation centre at 22@

Furthermore, Mango recorded a spectacular increase in its online sales and in the percentage they make up of the group’s total turnover. In 2017, the turnover of this channel rose by 15.4% to reach the figure of 339.2 million euros, and it now represents 15.5% of total turnover. Throughout 2018, the growth in online sales has accelerated and the company expects that online sales will reach 20% of total turnover during 2019, a target initially established for the close of 2020.

In addition, Mango will have new offices in Barcelona’s 22@ district. The company expects to open the new facilities in early 2019. The offices, which will have a surface area of between 800 and 1000 m2, will house the company’s digital innovation centre, whose aim will be to meet the ambitious growth targets established for the online business, and to develop the onmi-channel selling projects planned for the coming years.

Mango sells online in over 80 countries, offering a shopping experience that is totally integrated with the physical stores. The firm now offers through its online channel home deliveries the following day in the major cities of Europe, as well as in all the provinces in Spain. It also offers different delivery options, such as collection from MANGO stores or home delivery in the most major markets.

Mango has made a significant investment to continue incorporating improvements in user-friendliness and the browsing experience of its online portal, in order to guarantee the improved shopping experience of its customers via any device. It is worth noting the implementation of artificial intelligence in order to offer appropriate product recommendations during the browsing experience, and to send personalised notifications based on customer preferences, or to help customers choose the right size while purchasing. Similarly, as a result of the launch of the e-receipt in physical stores, customers can consult their entire purchase history on the website and on the MANGO app.

Source: Mango Headquarters, Barcelona, Spain

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