In Bangladesh, Nirapon to take forward safety monitoring of Alliance

There are nearly 21 brands and over 600 factories under Nirapon
by Textile Quotient News Desk
1 May 2019

Nirapon, a self-regulating platform has been created by the global brands and retailers for whom Bangladesh is an important garment sourcing destination. Nirapon has been created to oversee building inspection and remediation of garment factories in Bangladesh. Earlier, Alliance was rendering safety monitoring for the North American brands and buyers, in Bangladesh since 6 years.  Alliance worked directly with factories to drive remediation and training programmes while Nirapon’s role is of oversight and independent verification of safety and training compliance and to report these results to members.

As per the CEO, Moushumi M Khan, there are 21 member brands and over 600 factories under Nirapon. All of these Nirapon member factories are required to continue to meet the National Action Plan-harmonised standards for physical safety of structural, fire and electrical components. “Nirapon is building up on the achievements of the Alliance’s successful remediation efforts, however, the Nirapon model is fundamentally different,” said Moushumi, according to whom Nirapon cannot and would not suspend factories nor share factory information, besides its members. “Now the garment units will work directly with third party audit companies under the guidance from Nirapon member brands,” shared Moushumi.

Nirapon shall use a brand-led approach of safety monitoring, based on the laws of Bangladesh for its members; it will help the factories to build safety norms.

Sharing his views, Marco Reyes of Walmart said that Bangladesh will continue to be a special sourcing destination for the North American clothing retailers and brands. “The Bangladesh government and factory owners have worked together remarkably to make the factories safe. Safety has been an integral part of our supply chain and we, along with factory management, BGMEA and Bangladesh government, BGMEA are working together towards safety for all at the workplace.”


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