H&M discontinues catalogue business

by Textile Quotient News Desk
3 May 2019

Shopping from a catalogue simply isn’t relevant to today’s consumers, therefore H&M has decided to discontinue its catalogue business. Its final catalogues were published during the week starting April 29.

Dedicated to the sustainability, H&M is constantly improving its business to reduce impact on the environment. This is a gradual work and now the turn has come to the catalogue business which the brand has decided to discontinue with immediate effect.

The H&M catalogue, which dates back to the Swedish mail-order business Rowells acquired by H&M back in 1980, is currently published in 6 of our 72 markets. As shopping patterns change and customers nowadays choose to shop online instead, the company decided to say goodbye to its catalogue. With more than 4,400 H&M-stores in 72 markets across the world and online shopping in 48 markets, the company offers plenty of fashion inspiration in other channels that are more relevant to today’s consumers.

Source: H&M Headquarters, Stockholm-Sweden

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