H&M climbs to second place in retail week indicator

by Textile Quotient News Desk
4 Jun 2019

H&M is proud to score 2nd place in this year’s Retail Week Indicator, up from 18th place in 2018 and behind only Amazon. The Retail Week Indicator is published annually by UK trade magazine Retail Week and covers 176 retailers in the UK.

The Indicator provides a comprehensive audit of the top retailers in the UK across 30,000 data points and four categories: marketing, logistics and customer service, cross-channel and e-commerce, in order to provide a 360-degree view of which retailers are setting the standard for others to follow. H&M has scored within the top 10 retailers in all four Indicator categories – the only retailer to do so.

“Over the past year we have launched a number of features and services to make shopping at H&M inspiring, relevant and convenient. We are thrilled to get recognition for our work to improve the H&M shopping experience”, says Daniel Claesson, Head of Business Development at H&M Group. “At H&M, we want to create a seamless shopping experience for fashion fans and offer our customers an inspiring shopping experience both online and offline. We have introduced many new features to ensure we are providing the best customer experience”, he added.

The four main areas H&M has introduced in the UK are:

In-Store Mode: Customers can use the H&M app as a digital in-store shopping tool to see what’s available in their favourite & nearby stores. To see in-store mode in action, you can view here.

Find in store: The ability to see stock status of a specific item

The barcodes located on the price tag can be scanned to find colour and size availability online

Visual Search: Visual search allows the customer to take a photograph of an item and upload it into the H&M app where the product or similar items will be shown. You can view an example here.

Source: H&M Headquarters, Stockholm Sweden

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