High-Tech Consolidation Centre set to open in July, adding efficiency to Walmart’s Supply Chain

by Textile Quotient News Desk
17 Jan 2019

This July, a Walmart supply chain first is coming to Colton, California. A newly built, 340,000-square-foot high-tech consolidation centre will be the first in Walmart’s supply chain to receive, sort and ship freight. This automated technology will enable three times more volume to flow throughout the centre and helps Walmart deliver the right product to the right store.

This massive Walmart-owned centre, which will open in July with 150 full-time associates, can move three times as many cases. It will grow to employ more than 600 associates by 2021. With the combined might of people and world-class logistic technology, this facility will be the most efficient consolidation centre in Walmart’s supply chain. Walmart continues to expand its portfolio of high-tech distribution centres.

Consolidation centers have a specialized role in moving products quickly on their journey to the customer. These centres receive less than a truckload (known in the industry as LTL) of general merchandise from suppliers, consolidate quantities of this freight in a full truckload (TL) and ship it to regional distribution centres. This allows Walmart’s 42 regional centres to focus on the next step – distributing products to stores.

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