El Corte Inglés, first Spanish company to certify as ‘Residuo Cero’ its shopping centres in Galicia

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9 Apr 2019

The El Corte Inglés Group has obtained the AENOR Zero Residue certification for all its centres in Galicia – Santiago, Vigo, Ramón y Cajal and Marineda in A Coruña – as well as the logistics platforms of Altamira and Porriño. El Corte Inglés becomes the first Spanish distribution company to obtain this certification for its Galician shopping centers. In addition, it achieves this for a complete region and with all its large warehouses and logistics platforms.

The AENOR certificate of Residuo Cero certifies that El Corte Inglés valorises all its fractions of waste, avoiding that these have as final destination the landfill. This certificate helps organizations to optimize processes, focusing on the points of waste production and contributes to the promotion of the Circular Economy, allowing companies to anticipate legal provisions.

To achieve this goal, the company had collaboration of a specialized consultancy along with the commitment and involvement of its more than 4,000 employees. In few months they have managed to adapt the operation of their centres and warehouses to an environmentally friendly system to become sustainable, minimizing the impact of its activity until reaching the Zero Waste certification.

The activity carried out by El Corte Inglés in Galicia generates 42 different fractions of waste, which are segregated correctly to value at least up to 90% of the products and / or materials (reuse, recycling or energy recovery). This waste comes from both the activities of the business and the homes of customers, since the centers of Galicia receive more than 20 and a half million visits per year.

Among the actions that have been put in place for this purpose include the reorganization of logistics routes and the optimization of the load of vehicles -with the consequent reduction of CO2 emissions-, the donation of more than 97 tons of products to Food Banks or the reconversion of 150 tons of organic waste into organic earthworm compost, which will go on sale in Bricor. 290 tons of wood have also been delivered to a Galician processing company to be reused as raw material, and 400 tons of waste electrical and electronic equipment for re-use, recovery or recycling have been valued.

With these and other measures, the equivalent of the waste generated during one day by 250,000 citizens (a population similar to that of A Coruña) has been prevented from reaching landfill, with the consequent environmental impact on the environment.

The project developed in Galicia represents another step within the environmental strategy of the Group that has one of its goals in the Zero Waste. All these actions are part of the commitment of El Corte Inglés to link with society and the environment, as well as in the spirit of closeness that it maintains with the concerns of citizens.

Source- El Corte Inglés- Headquarters, Madrid- Spain


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