Benetton: 100% sustainable cotton by 2025

by Textile Quotient News Desk
6 Jun 2019

By 2025, 100 percent of the cotton used by Benetton Group will be sustainable: organic, recycled or sourced from Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) farmers.

Always committed to reducing the environmental footprint of its activities, Benetton Group has already started the transformation process. In 2018, organic cotton – cultivated according to the strict principles of bio-cultivation, free from GMOs and with a reduced environmental impact – represented 4.7 percent of all the cotton garments produced by the company.

The same year, 23 percent of the cotton used for Sisley and United Colors of Benetton collections was certified by BCI, the world’s largest cotton sustainability program. Following the principles of the program, the company has started to source cotton processed and harvested by farmers trained to reduce the use of fertilizers and pesticides, use water and soil sustainably, and treat their workers equitably.

Cotton is one of the fibres most loved by consumers, who appreciate its versatility and freshness. However, its conventional cultivation – with fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals – negatively impacts the environment. Our commitment to BCI broadens the sphere of action beyond environmental protection, to include also both social and economic aspects.

While the goal is still six years away, the steps already taken in record time show how the Benetton Group is actively committed to reaching 100 percent sustainable cotton in all its collections by 2025.

Source: Benetton Group Headquarters-Ponzano Veneto, Italy


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