Bangladesh EPZ labour law gets approval from the Parliament

by Textile Quotient News Desk
1 Feb 2019

The government of Bangladesh has given the final approval to amendments to the Bangladesh EPZ Labour Act, which has simplified the labour law for the EPZs to ensure better rights for factory workers.

Earlier, 30 percent workers’ consent was required to form a Workers’ Welfare Association (WWA) in a factory in the EPZ. The requirement threshold has been lowered to 20 percent because of the pressure from international communities such as the EU, Canada, the International Labour Organisation and the US.

The amendment will allow the officials of the Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments to inspect the factories housed inside the EPZs apart from the officials of Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (Bepza). Earlier, only Bepza officials could inspect the factories.

The amendment also allowed the workers to constitute federation of WWAs. The mandatory required consent of the workers for calling strikes and lockouts has also been lowered. Now, workers will be able to call strike or lockout with the consent of two-thirds of the workers instead of previous three-fourths.

If a worker goes into retirement at the age of 60 or he or she resigns, they will receive basic salary equivalent to 45 days for each year of service up from the existing 30 days. If a worker completes 25 years on the job, he or she will enjoy full compensation benefit. The amended law allowed formation of WWAs in new industrial units within three months of their operation.

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