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Vinita Pandey
Co-Founder & CEO - JYVIN TEX INDIA PVT LTD & Founder- Textile Quotient.Com

Dedicating 18 years to the apparel and textile industry of the Indian subcontinent and contributing towards the success and establishment of some of the leading media and publishing houses of the industry, was quite a compelling reason to launch my own news portal Textile Quotient (T.Q) under the aegis of my start-up, JYVIN TEX INDIA. With the aim to broadcast latest news, views and analysis of the global textile industry, right from fibre to retail, our focus is on, both the buying and the manufacturing side, dedicated to textile and apparel business across the globe.

Besides catering to the requirements of the organisations and individuals already invested in this vibrant sector, T.Q also aims to serve the interests of global investors who are looking for investment opportunities in various manufacturing destinations across the globe.

My main focus has always been, to be industry interactive, to be the best in what I do, alongside learning something new every day. Be rest assured, T.Q will evolve on quarterly basis; we shall keep adding new dimensions to the site to serve your business requirements in a wholesome way.

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Showcase your products & services to the global textile and garment professionals through TQ. Be noticed by the key decision makers across the global textile value chain, all 24×7 Return on-investment 5 times more than print media. To Advertise on T.Q, send your query to- info@jyvintex.in. Get in touch soon, while the slots last!

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About Textile Quotient

Textile Quotient has been launched to give latest news, views and analysis of the global textitle industry, right from fibre to retail. Our focus would be the management, manufacturing, and product strenght of various companies dedicated to textitle and apparel business.

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